Will of Edward Twentyman, c.1648

 In the name of God Amen the Six and twentieth Day of February Anno Dm 1645 I Edward Twentiman of Newark upon Trent in the County of Nottingham Gentleman being weake in body, but of pfect mynde and memorie I thank my God taking into consideration the present condition of the tymes and therefore desirous so with as in me lyes to settle that Estate wherewith God hath blessed me withall God as we further distraction or difference be paid about the same doe declare and publish my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge, ffirst I give and bequeath my soul unto God who gave it me trusting in and by the merittes of Christ Jesus for the salvation thereof And my body to the Earth to be disposed of as the ?king? and my Executors shall permitt and direct It I give and devise unto my brother Alexander Twentiman the Tenement Messuage or Inne called by the name of the Saracens head situate in Newarke abovesaid with the appurtenances Except the Shopp and chamber over the same in the occupation of John Quiningbarouth to hold to him and his Assignes after the decease of my mother Elizabeth Twentiman for and during his naturall life And after his decease then to Willm Twentiman and his heirs for ever Item I give and devise unto Charles

(end of page 1)

Charles Tresse sonne of Thomas Tresse the Land Shopp and Chamber on the same to hold to him and his Assignes During his naturall life provided that the said Charles Tresse his Executors or Assignes shall and will during the said terme pay unto Alexander Twentiman the sume of ffive pounds of lawfull English money at the usuall ffeast of St Michael and the Annunciation of Our Blessed Lady by even portions It I give and bequeath unto Charles Tresse Elizabeth Tresse and Jane Tresse sonne and daughters of M Thomas Tresse all the money whatsoever the same be oweing and due from Mr Gervase Lee by penaltyes or without to be equally divided amongst them The rest of my Goods and whatsoever I have I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth Twentiman my mother whome I make my full and sole Executrix of this my last will and testament Witness my hand and Seale the day and yeare first above written Edw Twentiman Sealed and published in the presence of us Hen Trewman Jnr (*Ed.) Cler. Edward Standish Jnr (**Ed.) ?Pat? Maitland And Jo Martin (***Ed.)
****(Ed.) Et Quinto Die mensis Januarii Anno Dm 1647 Gilbertus Benet at—- Decanus Decanatus De Newarke ?——– De probatone T— presest nominate —- ?Comi fuit Administrato b—– De Edwardi Twentiman defn Elizabeth Twentiman mater d– ?— soli Executrix in — — nominate prius curate G—- ?—-

Vera Copia Ep p me        Tho Thompsam
                                                Publiqu Notarius


(On the facing sheet of page 2 is written:
30 Aug 1655 Herewith the originall will whereof there is a true Copy for & on the behalfe of Geo Egl?ford to be pubd at London Geo Potts )

Source: Nottinghamshire Archives: PRNW Newark deanery mf. 1,660 (on the 2nd row down)

Transcribed by Jenni Dobson

Editorial notes:
*Henry Truman was the town’s vicar at the time, who probably also served as chaplain to the regiment. He also is buried in St. Mary Madgalene, d. 2 Dec 1655.
** Edward Standish was mayor 1645 & considered by the Parliamentarians as ‘delinquent’, i.e. too Royalist for their liking.
*** John Martin was a butcher but ‘voluntarily bore arms in the Newark garrison’ and may have acted as quartermaster. (all from Jennings, Stuart, These Uncertaine Tymes)

**** From this point the remainder of the document is in Latin and appears to relate to the proving of the will, being dated after Edward’s death and written in a different, more compact hand.

The writing of the main part of the will is not “secretary’s hand” & therefore I think it possible it’s been written by Edward himself.