Surnames G – H

GARNER, Elizabeth OBEAwarded OBE for work in VAD hospital WWI

GARNER, Katherine Minta (Poet & Playwright) – Biography

GARNER, Thomas Willcox (Sack dealer, Millgate) – Notes

GILBERT, Emily (Local Author) – Biography

GILSTRAP, William (Sir)Commemorative plaque

GLADSTONE, William Ewart (MP for Newark) – Stayed at the Clinton Arms

GREEN, William (Clergyman, born in Newark) – Notes

GRESHAM, James (Engineer) – Commemorative plaque

HALL, George ‘Willie’ (Footballer) – Commemorative plaque

HALL, Henry (Draper) – Owner of ‘Rose Villa’ on London Road

HANDLEY, William (Banker) – Partner in Newark Cotton Mill

HANSON, Everet (Newark Fire Brigade) – Notes

HARRISON, Thomas (Captain, Newark Fire Brigade) – Short Biography

HARSTON, James (Piano tuner/music sales) – Connection with Benjamin Johnson, publisher

HARVEY, George (Wine & Spirit merchant) – Short Biography

HARVEY, John (Grocer) – Notes

HEMSTOCK, Richard (Publican) – At the Cavalier on Middlegate

HERON, Sir RobertShort biography

HERRING, JohnSteps down as Alderman 1739