Surnames C – D

CAPARN, Thomas (Chemist & Druggist) – Notes

CAPARN, William John (Chemist & Druggist) – Notes

CAPARN(E), William John (Artist, native of Newark) – Short Biography

CHERRINGTON, George (Chemist & Druggist)  – Notes

CLARKE, John (Farmer, Coal merchant & Wharfinger) – resident of the White House on Millgate

CLATER, Francis (Pioneering veterinary writer) – Short biography

CONSTABLE, Henry (16th Century poet of national renown) – Newark connections

CONSTABLE, Robert (Sir) – (Lieutenant of Ordnance to Queen Elizabeth I) – Newark connections

CUBLEY, Harold Henry Sutton (Author & Spiritualist) – (?) Nephew of artist W.H. Cubley

CUBLEY, William (Artist) – Commemorative plaque

COYNE family (Shopkeepers) – Display Banner

DEEPING, (George) Warwick (Novelist) – Short Biography

DRING, Mrs (Author & Poet) – Short biography

DRURY, Mrs (also William & Samuel) (Grocers) – Notes