Surnames A – B


ARCHARD, Charles Josiah – Author & Editor of ‘The Newark Herald’ newspaper

ASH, W.H.Baker, Newark Market Place

ATKINSON, Annie – employee at Bainbridges drapers shop, c.1915

ATTER, George – Short Biography ##  Manager at Bainbridges Drapers shop

ATTER, William Frederick – Short Biography  ## Manager at Bainbridges drapers shop, c.1915

BAINBRIDGE, John Cotham (Draper) – Bainbridges drapery shop ## Sells land on London Road to Zachariah Wood

BENJAMIN, Queenie (of Newark) – Survivor of ‘The Lusitania’

BOND, Jessie (Former Savoyard & wife of Lewis Ransome of Ransome & Marles) – Producer of early play featuring (Sir) Donald Wolfit

BOUSFIELD, Henry Newham – Author and Vicar

BRADLEY, Thomas (Iron Founder) – Notes

BRANNAN, Peter (Artist) – Notes ## The Art of Peter Brannan ## Championing Peter Brannan ## Some Missing Peter Brannan Paintings ## Peter Brannan’s excursions into the Macabre  ## Mr. Brannan’s Diaries – an Introduction

BRANSTON, Joseph (Maltster) – As owner of ‘South View’ on London Road

BROWN, Thomas (Butcher) – As owner of ‘Woodville Villa’ on London Road

BYRON (in Newark) – Display Banner ##  Stayed at the Clinton Arms