Streets & Houses

Aldermen’s Walk (Market Place)Historical Background ## Commemorative plaque

Bear-Baiting Post (Market Place) – Notes

Bull-Baiting Post (Market Place) – Notes

Cotton Square (Millgate) – Relation to Cotton Mill

Cross (in the Market Place) – Notes

Earp AvenueNamed after local MP Thomas Earp

Gallows Field (London Road) – history

Governor’s House (Stodman Street) – Display Banner

Governor’s WalkSee Aldermen’s Walk

Hatton House (Beacon Hill Road) – Short history

Ironmonger Lane (Market Place) – Short History ## Display Banner

Market Cross (in the Market Place) – Notes

Market Place  – Display Banner ##  Market Place in 1852

Mayor’s WalkSee Aldermen’s Walk

Vernon StreetDeveloped by Henry Peet 1885-86

Wood StreetDeveloped by Henry Peet 1886

‘Wooden Houses’ (Sherwood Avenue) – Short history

Workhouse (Albert Street) – Inmates working at the Cotton Mill