Plaques – History on the Wall

Over the last forty-odd years, money earned by the Society’s Town Tours and Slide/Tape Presentations has enabled the erection of a number of plaques around the town, in conjunction with other local organisations and descendants. This was to create a lasting memorial of Newark’s famous citizens, businesses and events. The plaques have all been photographed, and form the basis of this report. The first plaque was erected in 1973, and marks the birthplace of the nationally known artist, Sir William Newsome Prior Nicholson (born in 1879). Costs for this plaque are unrecorded, but the second plaque, on the birthplace of Sir Donald Wolfit, cost no more than £12 10s 6d.! Contrast this with today’s prices: a recent plaque, in 2013, to commemorate George (Willie) Hall, the International footballer, cost over £450!

The Society’s plaques are dedicated as tabulated below. Each is dedicated to a named individual or his bequest:-

SUBJECT                   PLACE                             DATE

William N Nicholson         London Road Newark               1973   

Donald Wolfit                     London Road Balderton           1974                           

Methodist Chapel               Millgate                                      1980                           

Jersey School                       Guildhall Street                         1983               

William Jessop                     Appleton Gate                           1985               

Guildhall St. Chapel            Guildhall Street                          1987               

Mulberry Tree (tree)            Newark Cemetery                     1989

Walnut Trees (tree)              Lincoln Road Bridge                  1992               

James Gresham                    Castlegate                                   1993                           

Cannon Ball Hole                 Mount Lane                                 1994                           

Trent Iron Works (‘Nicky’s’)  Trent Bridge                              1996                            

Drill Hall                               Sherwood Avenue                       1998                           

Church Chimney                  Church Walk                                2000                           

William Cubley                     80 Millgate                                   2002                           

Aldermen’s Walk                  Market Place                               2002   

Robert Kiddey                       King Street                                  2005

John Carr                               Newark Town Hall                      2009

Newark Hospital            Old hospital, London Rd/ Sherwood Ave.

                                          Junction                                             2011

George ‘Willie’ Hall         Lovers’ Lane School                          2013

Thomas Earp MP             The White House, Millgate              2014

Constance Penswick Smith     2 Church Walk                          2015

Sir William Gilstrap MP Bart.       Newark Registry Office      2017