Discharged as Aldermen, 12th September 1739

Borough of Newark

At a meeting of the Mayor and Alderman (of) the said Borough in the Council Chamber this Twentyth Day of September in the Year of our Lord 1739 present

Mr Joseph Lund Mayor                                                  Mr William Hoyes
Mr Edward Smith                                                             Mr Tho: Haslam
Mr Tho: Wilson                                                                 Mr ffran: Noble
Mr Saml Rastell

Whereas for these five or Six yeares past (-) Mr John Milnes Mr Robert Marris and Mr John Herring Senior Aldermen of the said Borough have borne so very (?) with Sickness Lameness and other Disorders that they have (-) (-) up a(?) of attending the Mayor and Alderman and giving their advice and (-) in their Corporate Capacity and having so desired to be discharged from their said Office (?as) Alderman more especially at this Time as (-) (-) their Seniority by a late Decree in the Court of Chancery calls upon them for more than usual attendance which they find by (-) severall Infirmitys they cannot perform (-) but a Hindrance to others more capable (-) the said mayor and Aldermen taking into some Consideration their said Severall Requests (-) exceeding sorry for the Occasion as they have so faithfully assisted them Have unanimously agreed without ffyne to dismiss them severally from their said Office of Alderman and they are so severally dismissed accordingly

Jo: Lund Mayor
Sam: Rastall
Edwd Eastland
Wm Hoyes
Tho Wilson
Edwd Smith
Tho: Haslam
Fra: Noble


*(-) represents a word which I couldn’t read, often because it was close to the gutter binding but occasionally because I simply could not read it.

Reference to ‘without ffyne’ is an important qualification because when men are dismissed because of failure to attend enough council meetings, etc. they are fined. In addition, if you were invited to become an alderman & turned this down, the council also fined you!

Transcribed by Jenni Dobson