Hodgkinson R.F.B. Captain 8th Sherwood Foresters  Hit by sniper, not serious, making satisfactory progress.  Solicitors Hodgkinson & Beevoir. NH 1 May 1915
Hodgkinson Robert F.B. Major 8th Sherwood Foresters  Married Miss Isabel Freda Bussell NH 16 Dec 1916
Hodgkinson R.F.B. Colonel 3/8th Sherwood Foresters  New CO NH 1 Jan 1916
Hodgkinson R.F.B. Major 8th Sherwood Foresters  Awarded Territorial Decoration NA 26 Mar 1919
Hodgkinson R.F.B. Major   Returns to civil life NH 8 Mar 1919
Hodgkinson R.F.B. Lt.-Col 8th Sherwood Foresters  Awarded OBE.  Commissioned to local Territorials, 1895.  Promoted Captain in 1901.  Went to France with 1/8th Sherwood Foresters in Feb. 1915.  Wounded in the head in April.  Later CO of 3/8th Sherwood Foresters. NH 7 June 1919