First Methodist Chapel

On the town side of the ‘Watermill’ public house, is a building, now converted to an office. Previous conversion was to a house.millgate chapel(old)0001

Originally it was Newark’s first Methodist chapel, built by the Newark Methodist Society in 1776. Before that, Wesley had preached in the open air, off Millgate.

methodist ch


Our Plaque to commemorate this building was unveiled on 15th June 1980, by Dr A Skeffington Wood, Principal of Cliff College, Derby. He stood on a stool, presented by Mrs Andrew Sheldrake, which John Wesley is reputed to have stood on when he preached at Newark.

Members of Millgate Conservation Society also attended the ceremony.  An exhibition of Methodist items at Barnbygate Methodist Church, included an oil painting on wood of Sunday School founder, Robert Raikes, which was presented by Mr W E Knight in 1926 and which was discovered under the church pulpit in 1979.