Cannon Ball Hole in the Parish Church Spire

Cannon Ball Hole Plaque

cannon ball hole

Plaque at the bend in Mount Lane, on the left, facing the parish Church.

The Society unveiled this Plaque on Sunday 16th October 1994, and the event went with a Bang!

Crowds lined the streets during the ceremony in Mount Lane, off Appletongate, to mark one of Newark’s more unusual English Civil War Landmarks. Allegedly during the Second Siege, a cannonball was fired at the Parish Church and our Plaque will serve as a marker for the best spot in Newark to see the hole. The ball did not go right through the spire, but the daylight can be seen due to the presence of a window on the other side of the spire.

The marker has an outline of the spire on it with the cannonball hole picked out to indicate position.

An honour guard of about 30 members of the Sealed Knot civil war re-enactment society marched to the viewing spot. Their route went from Newark Castle along Kirkgate and Wilson Street to the plaque and onlookers left their houses to watch the procession.

At the spot the garrison commander Mr Nick Ireland performed the unveiling ceremony.

Muskets were fired into the air as a noisy salute of honour, and watching crowds covered their ears.

Following the ceremony Mr Vernon Radcliffe, Society Secretary gave a short talk about the hole and its history. A cannon ball, dating from the period, and from the Museum collection, laid on a velvet cushion, was on display.

Following the ceremony, members and Sealed Knot escort, retired into the Tudor Hall for refreshments.