Hodgkinson Robert F.B. Major 8th Sherwood Foresters  Married Miss Isabel Freda Bussell NH 16 Dec 1916
Hodgkinson R.F.B. Captain 8th Sherwood Foresters  Hit by sniper, not serious, making satisfactory progress.  Solicitors Hodgkinson & Beevoir. NH 1 May 1915
Hodgkinson R.F.B. Colonel 3/8th Sherwood Foresters  New CO NH 1 Jan 1916
Hodgkinson R.F.B. Major 8th Sherwood Foresters  Awarded Territorial Decoration NA 26 Mar 1919
Hodgkinson R.F.B. Major   Returns to civil life NH 8 Mar 1919
Hodgkinson R.F.B. Lt.-Col 8th Sherwood Foresters  Awarded OBE.  Commissioned to local Territorials, 1895.  Promoted Captain in 1901.  Went to France with 1/8th Sherwood Foresters in Feb. 1915.  Wounded in the head in April.  Later CO of 3/8th Sherwood Foresters. NH 7 June 1919